Few things are more beautiful then watching a sunset over the ocean. To really appreciate the beauty of Lombok – set up at any of these vantage points to watch mother nature dazzle you with color. All areas are safe to travel to after dark as they are known tourist sunset spots. The one in Gerupuk is a secret though so shhh!!

If it is a low tide you will see people wading through the shallow water. These people are looking for Octopus. Likewise you will also see fisherman looking for fish trapped in water ponds created by the reef and the receding water.

Segar Beach

This is the most popular spot for Sunset views. The hill overlooks Kuta Bay and the colors are always beautiful. This is a very popular spot for tourists – and as the picture shows – you can see why!

Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan is another great vantage point for sunsets that is popular. If you get there 2 hours before sunset – you will get the beautiful transition of the water from turquoise, to orange, to purple to pink. Amazing.

Gerupuk Hill

Gerupuk Hill is in our view the best. It’s our little secret and the view from here overlooks all of the bays. We don’t think it gets any better than that! There is very little noise here, just the sound of the birds singing and cow bells here and there. Its a special place for us. A sacred place.


We recommend you park your scooter at Sea Garden and walk up to the lookout. It is a 20 minute walk each way. We recommend going and being there 30 minutes before sunset to capture all the colors.