Thanks for booking with us. We are delighted that you will be joining us at Charlies Shack.

Here is some additional information which you might find helpful in planning your trip to Lombok, and staying in beautiful Gerupuk Village.

What is the Village Like?

The village is just that. A village. If you’re looking to party – then Gerupuk is not the place for you. You can find a heap of information on the village on our Tourist Information page.

What Should I pack for my Trip?

Boardshorts/Bikini (Girls we recommend you also bring a sarong or something that covers shoulders/shorts to cover your bottoms whilst surfing in Gerupuk Bay) At Tanjung Aan beach it is a little less conservative and you can wear what you like.

Loose/Cool pants – During the wet season (September-May) mosquitos are present in the village and for your comfort whilst outside – it is a good idea to cover up.

Mosquito Repellent

Sanitary and personal effects – The village does not stock sanitary goods for women. Please pack these with you or pick them up from the Alpha Mart in Kuta.

Dress – Summer dresses (knee length) which do not expose the shoulders would be our recommendation for nights out in the village however the village is very liberal and you will not get treated differently – just be respectful of local Muslim traditions (as anywhere in Lombok)

International Power Adaptor - All rooms have power points with international adaptors built into them so you do not need to purchase one.

Sunscreen – Sunscreen can be purchased in the village however it is expensive. We suggest you bringing some with you if you are surfing in the Sun. The Indonesian sun is very strong so please Slip, Slop, Slap and protect yourself.

Footwear – you can get around most places with slippers/sandals. IF you intend on walking around and have weak ankles – we do recommend that you bring shoes that support your ankles as the roads through and around the village are dirt roads and are uneven.

Medication – If you have medication you need to take on a regular basis – please bring it. If you have allergies also bring this. Please note that if you are in jobs in your home country where you get drug tested, then be careful what medication you buy in Indonesia. Some paracetamol here like Panadol contains Pseudoephedrine and this will show up on some drug tests. Also note that in Kuta people do sell drugs. This is strictly illegal in Indonesia and Charlies Shack retains the right to void your accommodation without refund if you are found taking drugs or have them in your possession. We will also let the relevant authorities know. Also be mindful that in some countries – having traces of drugs in your blood system is counted as possession i.e UAE.

Is it safe to get a scooter at night?

Whilst nothing has happened in the last year – in the past travelling from village to village at night was not recommended. If you need to, you can get a driver to take you into Kuta and bring you back for 200,000 RPH return (US$15). This also means you can enjoy a few drinks and not have to drive after it.

How much should I budget on spending in Lombok every day?

Here are some prices to help you budget. Your breakfast is included at Charlies Shack, so you only need to account for lunch and dinner.

Meals – 15,000 (US$1) for Nasi Bungkus local takeaway street food. 60,000RPH (US$4) for local restaurant meals. 75,000-90,000 (US$6-7) for Western owned restaurants.

Drinks – Small Bintang Beer 25,000 (US$2.00), Large Bintang Beer 35,000 (US$3)

Daily Scooter Hire - 50,000 (US$4) – Note scooters are not covered by insurance so ensure you always lock the scooter, and park it in a safe location.
Water – 1L bottle 10,000RPH (US$0.75) however we have free filtered for all guests.

Surf Lessons – See our price list for the different options.

Is there somewhere to lock my valuables?

Yes. Each room has a lockable cupboard and all the keys to each rooms cupboards are different.

Do you supply towels?

Yes, we supply towels for the beach and for showering.

Can we entertain guests who are not staying at Charlies Shack?

Yes. You can bring in whoever you like to Charlies Shack. We have a no-noise policy after 9:30pm for the comfort of other guests and our neighbours. We ask that you consider the comfort of other guests and respect the needs of other guests who may not be comfortable with the idea of entertaining people there.

Do all rooms have a view?

No. Only the beachfront room has a view.

Do you have cooking facilities?

We have no cooking facilities at Charlies Shack however our kitchen facilities are only to be used by staff and will cook you whatever fresh fish or vegetables you catch for a fee of 50,000 per person.

Do you have anywhere for us to keep our surf-boards?

Yes we have a surf board rack outside the building which is under video surveillance 24/7 and a security guard. Alternatively – you can keep it in your room, but we have never had anything go missing on our property.

Is Malaria an issue?

Malaria is not present in the village. Being so close to the beach, and given how dry the area is, fresh-water pools where Malaria breeds is rare. September – May is the wet season and you are more likely to get bitten by mosquitos in this period. Loose/Cool pants during the wet season is a good idea to cover up.

Do you have CCTV?

Yes, we have CCCTV outside the building and also inside the common area. This is for the safety and comfort of guests.

Is the village safe?

Gerupuk is safe. The villagers understand that any bad publicity will deter tourists and for this reason the village security is very tight. No one can do anything without someone watching. This is village life. Although we have never had anything stolen – we cannot guarantee this. Remember that you are in a third world country and locals on average make $50 a month. We also have CCTV so if you have any problems please just let our staff know.

What time is the office open?

Our office is open from 8am-5pm daily – but staff are available on call on the numbers provided at all times.

Check in Times?

Check in times are from 2pm-10pm. If you are arriving later than 10pm, please just let us know. If you need to check in early, you may ask us, as pending room availability – this may be possible.

Do you have Wifi?

Yes we have Wifi. During big storms however – the wifi can drop in and out.

Do you have Airport Pickups?

Yes, We do. But we require at least 12 hours notice. You can contact us via WhatsApp on +62 819-7731-6060 or fill out a contact form on our website which can be found on contact us page

Is there a hospital near-by?

No. WE do not have any hospitals nearby. However, Desi our resident cook is a qualified Nurse who can take care of any first aid scenarios that emerge. The closest hospital is 45 minutes away in Praya.