Best Surf Spots in Lombok

There are a heap of different surf spots to choose from on the South coast of Lombok. The ones we want to show you are the ones closest to us and ones which are accessible to scooters and cars. For the secret spots – well we are never going to tell anyone about those publicly!


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Mawi. It just sounds bloody brilliant!

This beach is the quietest of all of them because it takes so long to get to and the road is not the best. When you get to Mawi there isn’t much. Just one small restaurant. The beach is beautiful and from the little restaurant shacks you can see all the waves. The cliffs are breathtaking and so is the water.

The current at Mawi is strong – so if you are not a strong swimmer we do not recommend you swim here.

The peaks are shifty here and the wave works on most swells.


Selong Belanak has been voted Asia’s best beach two years in a row. It’s no surprise when you go there – you will see why. Crystal clear, turquoise water. If you are on the lookout for a perfectly serene beach, this one is the best choice. You need to go a fair distance to reach his beach. The road is not in an ideal condition as well. The serenity makes it one of the best surf spots in Lombok. As you reach Mawi, you won’t be able to see many things. There is a small restaurant. The pretty beach creates a refreshing effect. You can have a wonderful view of the waves from the little restaurant shacks. The awe-inspiring cliffs and water take you into a different world altogether.

The locals here are lovely but it is definitely the busiest beach of them all so watch your valuables.

The beach also has a floating pontoon that you can walk out into the ocean on for a spot of romance. It’s a bit of an eye sore from the beach but when you are on it – it gives you a great view of the beach and the mountains.


Mawun is probably the quietest of all the beaches because its off the beaten track. Literally – the road sucks and you should not attempt to go there if you are not experienced on the scooter. A little bit of rain and this becomes dangerous. You won’t find much here. Just crystal clear water and not a building in sight. Feel free to take our snorkelling gear with you when you go because the water here is clearer than most other beaches on the south coast. You’ll find the right hand side of the beach (when you are facing the beach) has the best snorkelling. Just be careful not to get smashed by the waves there.

You’ll get great tropical photos here with the forest reaching into the ocean and beautiful soft sand. Around the area there are also Tabacco farms and corn farms and the image of people with the pointy straw hats is idyllic of the region.

There are a couple of intermediate waves here and also waves for the pro. Beginners stay away – the reef here is dangerous.

There are a few places to eat at here we think they might be owned by the same person. They also take about 1 hour to serve the food – so settle in while you wait.


Tanjung Aan is a long paddle (400m). So only head here if you have the paddle strength. The wave here is predominantly a right hand break however it also breaks left from time to time. The water is deep and so it also makes it a great location for practicing if you are an intermediate surfer. If going to Tanjung Aan we recommend that you don’t leave any valuables in your bike. Take 50,000 RPH (in 10,000 RPH notes – to pay for fuel, water and some food) but don’t take anything else.

The second image shows the beach at low tide and in the background (where you can see whitewash) the rock that Tanjun Aan breaks on. Nasty stuff if you are surfing on a low tide – so our recommendation is to always go 2 hours after the low tide point. This will ensure the water is deep enough for you to surf safely and you still get a couple of hours of incoming tide waves.


Selong Belanak is undoubtedly one of the best surf spots in Lombok. This beach offers a breathtaking experience. You may find the waves at Gerupuk offering a nail-biting experience. The Selong Belanak offers you a different experience. You can enjoy surfing in waist deep water. This place has smaller waves compared to other destinations. Spread across the beach, small warungs or local restaurants provide you simple and tasteful local food. If you want to visit a place that creates a captivating influence, you can choose this place. On the corner, you can come across Laut Biru.

At sunset – you can go up to the top of the hill and get sweeping views of Kuta Lombok and watch the sky change color 3 times over.


Gerupuk Bay. Spelled Grupuk and Gerupuk we don’t know what the correct way is. What we do know is that we have some of the best surf spots in Lombok.

All of these waves require a boat to get out to. So if you have muscles like Hercules then go ahead and paddle out. If you are fat and unfit like me however – you’ll want to get a boat out to the waves. The cost of a boat out to the waves depends on who you go with but varies between 150,000 -200,000 per session. Each session being 3 hours.

It is at this point we remind you to ALWAYS GO SURFING WITH AN ACCREDITED SURF INSTRUCTOR. Whilst the locals are great surfers – some are terrible teachers (on many occasions put their guests lives and the lives of others at risk by pushing learners into waves that are too big – or straight into other beginners)

We recommend contacting Tommy who runns Tommy Surf Lombok and is an accredited surf coach with qualified instructors working for him. He also has fixed prices for his services so you don’t need to worry about bargaining. Alternatively – check out our surf packages which are competitively priced if you are time limited and only have a few days to surf. Tommy offers a stand-up guarantee. So if you don’t stand – you don’t pay (conditions apply).