Surfer accommodation Lombok

We were very keen to keep the interests of guests in mind while designing the Charlie’s Shack. Every element of the design meets the expectations of the guests someway or other. We offer the best surfer accommodation Lombok for our customers. Do you love surfing? Are you interested in meeting people and spending time with them at an inspiring place? Do you want to revitalize yourself after a long surfing experience? You can choose Charlie’s Shack. We will make you feel at home. We provide you with a fully air-conditioned property to help you stay protected against the scorching time heat during daytime.


The cozy economy rooms are fully en-suited. We have made maximum use of the space available to offer the most enjoyable surfer accommodation Lombok. The bathrooms have lavish space to accommodate the needs of female travellers. We not only offer the space but also ensure 100% cleanliness to make the guests comfortable. You can enjoy a sound sleep on our superior quality mattresses and linen. Charlie’s Shack offers you firm as well as soft pillows to make everyone feel comfortable. Our bed and pillows offer you a relaxing touch that helps you wake refreshed next morning.


The location of Charlie’s Shack is inspiring and beautiful. Situated on the main street of the village, our hotel offers the best exposure to village life. The beautiful sounds, smells, and the smiles create a blissful ambiance. Charlie’s Shack provides you a fully immersive and unforgettable cultural experience.