Gerupuk Bay. Spelled Grupuk and Gerupuk we don’t know what the correct way is. What we do know is that we have some of the best waves in Lombok.


All of these waves require a boat to get out to. So if you have muscles like Hercules then go ahead and paddle out. If you are fat and unfit like me however – you’ll want to get a boat out to the waves. The cost of a boat out to the waves depends on who you go with but varies between 150,000 -200,000 per session. Each session being 3 hours.


It is at this point we remind you to ALWAYS GO SURFING WITH AN ACCREDITED SURF INSTRUCTOR. Whilst the locals are great surfers – some are terrible teachers (on many occasions put their guests lives and the lives of others at risk by pushing learners into waves that are too big – or straight into other beginners)


We recommend contacting Tommy who runns Tommy Surf Lombok and is an accredited surf coach with qualified instructors working for him. He also has fixed prices for his services so you don’t need to worry about bargaining. Alternatively – check out our surf packages which are competitively priced if you are time limited and only have a few days to surf. Tommy offers a stand-up guarantee. So if you don’t stand – you don’t pay (conditions apply).


Don Dons is one of the best beginner waves in the world on a 4-5 foot swell. It breaks over seaweed and loose rocks also. This wave breaks both right and left. The right is a lot steeper than the left.  On a high tide the wave does not tend to break in though the middle and the wave splits into two distinct peaks. So we recommend going to Don Dons when the tide is coming up or going down. When the tide is outgoing – the waves steepen up and throw a little more and can be more difficult for beginners.


On a 10-12ft swell, this wave will barrel and challenge the most advanced surfers.


If you are a beginner – a few tips for surfing this wave;

  • Paddle out by going around the wave when your ride finishes. It will be a lot easier than forcing yourself against the endless whitewash that will hit you head on and tire you.
  • On a big swell Don Don holds you down under water for a little longer than the other waves because of how thick it is.
  • If you cannot duck-dive deep – then you will get pinned in the middle even with a short board.


Insides Gerupuk is the most famous wave in Lombok after Desert Point. It is what Gerupuk is most famous for. The wave breaks on loose rocks and seaweed and in about 5-6ft of water. This makes it ideal for beginners. The consistency of the break and forgiving ‘crumbly’ nature is also why experienced surfers love to come here.


This faster moving break is a right hander 90% of the time but if you are lucky and the swell is smaller (3-5ft) it will work both ways. On anything bigger than 6ft we don’t recommend beginners go here.


On an outgoing tide this wave throws a lot more and if the outgoing tide coincides with a super-low tide then the water becomes really shallow and dangerous.


This wave gets pretty crowded so our advice is to head out 830am (the sunrise surfers will be coming out of the water) and you’ll have a window of opportunity to surf it with a handful of people. If you’re a beginner and heading to this wave be careful – you really are putting your life in your guides hands and is why you must select someone who knows what they are doing.


We’ve seen people air-lifted with helicopters with broken necks and even someone die here. Yes this is a fun wave but it can also become very dangerous very quickly.




Kids Point does not break a lot but on a big swell this starts to work. With the two Angry Ladies (the hills) in the background this makes for extremely photogenic suring. If you’re into that sort of thing.


It’s mostly a right hander but on the right conditions it can work going left also. Perfect for beginners on a 2-3ft swell but anything bigger than that and the wave starts to throw and form a nice barrelling wave. Be careful of the reef here as it is really sharp. Also don’t ride the wave all the way in because there is a nice bit of coral and rock which sits bang in the middle of it.