We have to share a secret with you. The snorkelling in South Lombok is epic. If you are in Gerupuk Bay the best spot for snorkelling on the South Coast of Lombok is Kids Point or Outsides. The shallow warm water is a haven for an assortment of reef fish. These in turn bring in the larger pelagic hunters like Giant Trevally and Barracuda – a perfect spot for some spearfishing if that is a sport you enjoy. You can get here by walking toward Surf Camp and down on the beach around the rocky/sandy outcrop. Just be careful of the sharp slippery rocks. Alternatively – Ben can take you out on his boat for a small fee so you don’t have to negotiate the rocks. If you are heading to outsides the waves and the current there are quite strong – so we suggest that you only head out here if you are a strong swimmer.


The high-limestone cliffs on the East side of Gerupuk Bay is notorious for under-currents (currents below the water surface) which can put even the most experienced diver at risk. Once you go down the current can hold you down essentially preventing you from surfacing. We recommend that before you go snorkelling in deeper water around the area that you speak to a qualified person – preferably someone who has a background in diving and understands the risks of under currents. Our director Ben will offer you free advice – and as a qualified PADI divemaster – he is probably the most suited person for this information in the area.


With crystal white sand and views that resemble scenes from the movie Cast Away – you can go full caveman and explore the cliffs and caves of the beaches. Just be careful if you plan on roaming along these cliffs because king waves (waves that are abnormally large against the average wave size at a particular time) are common and will take you by surprise and wash you out into the ocean. If you are chilling on the white sand – you’ll see a few of the locals come to try and sell you things. Just remember that they take home about $5 a day to feed their families – so be kind and don’t bargain too hard to make yourself feel good. They are trying to make a living also. If you make a promise to buy – they will remember. So as a hint – never make promises to street vendors that you don’t intend to keep. They have this brilliant ability to track you down and hold you accountable for the promise.