13 January 2020

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Finding a surf instructor in Lombok is easy. A lot of people make the mistake of going with the first surf instructors that approaches them. This is fraught with risk. One thing to note about surf guides once you say you are going with someone – you’re stuck with them and it is very difficult to change guides. This is a village rule and is why we tell guests to get it right from the start.

A lot of the smaller surf guides have no formal training. Why would you want a qualified surf coach? Because they have the knowledge and training to train you! Its simple. You get what you pay for and we always recommend that guests and other tourists go with instructors who have been trained.

Most of the guides in Gerupuk have this training however guides from Kuta Lombok do not. So before you book in with someone who looks like a good surfer and acts like one – make sure you check in with the crew in Gerupuk first so that you get the best experience possible. All talk and no teaching experience leads to dangerous surf experiences.

Tommy will be able to point you in the right direction for good surf guides (and is one himself) who we of course recommend.

Tommy is an accredited surf instructor and has a simple ethos of safe surfing. Whether its your first time or you’re an experienced surfer – Tommy knows the breaks well having lived in the village his whole life. He also offers a no-stand guarantee. I.e. if you don’t stand he will give you your money back. If there are no waves – he will also give you your money back. Pretty rare from a local! But it is a testament to his style of offering the best value surf coaching in Lombok.

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