13 January 2020

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Lombok is open for business. So what are you waiting for?

We felt all the big quakes in the South – but that was the extent of the quakes. Buildings are still standing. Businesses are still open and we are waiting to show this beautiful part of the world. You’re probably wondering why you should come now? Here are a few reasons.

  1. Uncrowded beaches. Yes. You can get a whole beach to yourself.
  2. Uncrowded surf. Whilst the surfers have continued to come here – the beginners have not – so you’re in for a better experience if you are an experienced surfer and also if you are a beginner as there are less people in the water.
  3. Experience Lombok as it was a few years ago without the hustle and bustle of large crowds.

For context, in July 2018 – Lombok was struck by a series of earthquakes which have devastated the Islands people and the economy.

As a result – we had almost all of our bookings cancelled for the rest of 2018. Whilst we are disappointed – our heartfelt sorrow continues to be with those who are affected by this tragedy who have suffered so many more losses than just money. The South of Lombok was unaffected. Places like Gerupuk (Grupuk), Selong Belanak and Kuta Lombok were unaffected and remain open for tourists. The North of the Island and the Gilis were damaged significantly as the epi-center of the quakes was right under the Gili Islands. Thankfully – the hotels on the Gilis are also starting to open up once more.

All in all – we wanted to let everyone know that WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS IN SOUTH LOMBOK and it is safe to travel to Kuta Lombok and Gerupuk. We want to show you the local hospitality that guests have come to love – and keep coming back for. So what are you waiting for. Go ahead. Plan in Lombok for your next holiday.

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