13 January 2020

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Travelling alone can be daunting. If its your first time. We take our hat off to you for giving it a go!

Now first things first. Your safety. Indonesia is a very safe country however like any place it also has it dangerous areas where crime figures are higher. The main thing you have to remember is that you are in a developing country – most people in Indonesia live simply and do not have a lot of money. Don’t be fooled by big tourist destinations and hotels because they hide the poverty well.

When I travel alone I want to know that the place I am staying at has staff who speak my language. Language barriers can make a bad situation even worse when you cannot communicate to eachother. So whilst giving locals money is great (and will save you money) finding a place to stay where you will be looked after and offered advice will take the hassle out of your holiday.

The next thing I do is look at where it is on a map. Being in the middle of a city is good. But sometimes being in the ‘hood’ part of a city can mean that you are locked in your room at night. Let’s face it – would you stay in the best hotel in Compton?

Guest review websites are also a great go to – in the first instance you will probably consult Tripadvisor or or some other sort of booking agency.

Take advantage of free city walking tours if they are available. Not only will you meet other people – if they are run by a local council chances are that they will do anything short of magic to ensure they leave guests with a good impression. You’ll also find out where the safe places are to stay.

Always keep the emergency number for police and the hotel management on hand.

Keep a paper copy of the Travel Insurance number you have to call for the insurance company you are with. They will have a different number for each country you visit. On that piece of paper make sure you have your Policy number also. If you have allergies to certain medications like Penicillin – I suggest that you write this on there also. In the event of an emergency you will find that this will come in handy. Now put this piece of paper in your passport where it can easily be seen. Why? Because this is the first thing anyone will look for in an emergency and if you are unconscious that information will be quick and easy to find.

Last but not least – go with your gut. Thousands of years of evolution have given us a 6th sense about certain environments and conditions. If you feel unsafe – go with your gut and make your way to somewhere safe of call the police. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

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