13 January 2020

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Direct Flights to Lombok are on! So for our Perth friends who are travelling to Lombok – here are a few quick tips for the late night arrival to Lombok.

  1. If you want waves to yourself – come in December-Feb. It is wet season and its humid and hot.
  2. As the flight arrives at 11:30pm, you’re more than likely going to get to your destination at 12:30pm. Problem here is that most hotels do not offer late check ins – so book in advance so you can organise transport. If you try booking when you land – chances are you’re going to pay through the nose for a last minute hotel.
  3. Understand where you are coming. This is NOT Bali, and whilst the branding of certain companies references ‘The New Bali’. This is not it. Lombok has its own rules which must be followed and there is a plethora of information on the web on the behaviour expected here.
  4. Read our other blog posts on basics in Lombok like;
    • Knowing street food
    • Selecting a Scooter
    • Picking a good surf guide
  5. Being street smart in Lombok will save you time and money. Check out our article here on how.

That’s it from us. If you have any questions – you can flick us a message and we will get back to you. We want your experience in Lombok to be the best possible for you – so if we think there is a better place for you – we will give you an honest opinion.

Happy Travels.

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